Aparências divinas e cenas surreais colaram muitos fãs de fotografia de fantasia em nas telas. Infelizmente, as mulheres negras são frequentemente excluídas do género de fantasia.

Mas uma mulher que usa o apelido no Twitter de “@btsanima” decidiu resgatar as mulheres negras em imagens fantásticas. Assim, ela iniciou um tópico no Twitter com a legenda “Mulheres negras em fotografias de fantasia, embora a nossa presença seja pequena, não serei dissuadida”. O título tornou-se viral imediatamente com 69,4 mil retuítes e comentários, bem como 214,6 mil curtidas e ainda contando.

Então, vamos mergulhar numa série de fotos de cair o queixo com a beleza negra de outro mundo:

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Reposting @lindafriesen.couture ‘a beautiful words from one of my favourite shoots to date, and adding some of my own: “Over the last week I have read so many stories and heard so many voices and it has broadened my view. It made me realise even more the depth of the issue and the layers of injustice built by the ones with power over the powerless throughout history. It has also made me realise which part I want to play in this story going forward. And that is why I’m sharing these amazing images again. Because I understand now the reason they went viral was not only because they are beautiful, but because there is a great need for inclusiveness in fashion, fantasy and fairytales.” – These words resonate deeply because I have been reminded about the fact that no matter how confident I am in my ability to empathize with other people… my perspective will always be initially influenced by my surroundings, my upbringing, my individual community, and what I am exposed to in life. It is then my responsibility to move forward as I grow, to then expand these narrow circles and to broaden my viewpoint of society through the eyes of others who go through different life experiences. Ultimately, the goal to build bridges and create further understanding and cooperation with our neighbours and fellow human beings should be one that is shared by everyone throughout life. The journey of understanding should never stop- and the last few days have been a deep window into very human and raw experiences that have also exposed great injustices and tribulations done to our fellow man. Taking the time to gain perspective and listening to black voices in the last few days has been very effective in expanding my worldview. Thank you to those who have used their voice to educate. Photography @lillianliuphotography Model @theresafractale ?@ladyfreakshow ??‍♀️ @iamdhair_stylist Designer: @lindafriesen.couture #lindafriesen #lillianliu #theresafractale #stopracism #solidarity #diversity #couture #fashionphotography #fairytale #goldengoddess #thesaint #halo #goldendress #queen #coutureweddingdress #weddingdressdesigner #weddingdress

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Day 13 of 100! Reflections of self-love. Model: @tee.rosa_

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This is @olubukola_ogunniyi, a model who kindly modelled for me when I visited Lagos last year. We had the best fun on this shoot! I shared a video a few posts back if you’d like to see the behind the scenes.

I invited her to use this caption space to share her thoughts. Here are her words – “We all need to see our own beauty and to continue to be reminded that we are enough, that we are worthy of love without effort and that black lives matter." ? Makeup by @beautybybellamere Headpiece by @agnieszkaosipa . Thank you @emmanueloyeleke for bringing the team together and allowing us to use his studio! And to @thenowcollectivescom for inviting me to their conference in Lagos ✨ . Assistance: @ovia_reflex Retouching: myself & @solsticeretouch Color toned with my Artist Collection actions available at @theportraitmasters . #blacklivesmatter

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